Who didn't love watching cute animal movies growing up? The only problem was it led to us begging our parents for a puppy, kitten or lovable pig. Whether or not you were able to obtain a furry friend after begging your parents for one, here's a list of the 10 cutest movie pets you probably wish you could've owned.

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    We wished we could've had such a snarky sidekick as a kid. Chance, the sarcastic yet lovable American Bulldog kept us giggling and was completely lovable.

    Despite the fact that he professed to be wary of humans in the beginning of the first movie, by the end we all knew the truth: Chance desperately missed his owner Jamie and would do absolutely anything to be reunited with his master. Plus, who wouldn't want a dog with such a mischievous personality?

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    While Thackery Binx was once a human boy who was cursed to live out eternity in the shape of a cat, we still wished we could've owned such a courageous black cat.

    Whether it was helping Max, Dani and Allison escape from the Witches, or trying to stop them from opening Winnifred's spell book, this adorable feline was brave and a good protector when dealing with supernatural creatures. Who needs a guard dog when you have Binx ready to defend you?

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    Black Beauty


    While many children dream of owning their own horse, there's one we wished we could've owned above all others. Black Beauty was gentle with adults and children alike, sweet-tempered and kept a positive outlook, even when he was living in abominable conditions. Who didn't start crying when Joe and Beauty are finally reunited in the end and he promises to never sell his equine friend? We could only dream of having such a loyal animal friend like Black Beauty.

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    Okay, a show of hands: how many of us shy kids AND sports fans wished that we could've had an awesome dog like Buddy? Also, how many of us begged our parents for a Golden Retriever in the hopes that we could train him or her to play basketball just like in the movie? Alas, most Goldens are not as talented as everyone's favorite furry friend Buddy. Still, we could only dream that our retriever would be as loyal and intelligent as the adorable pooch in 'Air Bud!'

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    This adorable Siberian Husky won our hearts because he would've been a great sidekick for a kid. Demon was mischievous and had a mind of his own, which is a trait shared with many kids of a certain age range.

    Goodness knows that a combination of Demon the Husky and a young child would be a recipe for utter chaos. Despite his stubbornness (which was really only due to feeling pain from a loose tooth), Demon saves Brooks and Thunder Jack with the help of the other sled dogs and helps bring about a reconciliation between father and son. If only our pets could be so talented!

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    Although Lassie the dog has had a few incarnations, we adored the 1994 'Lassie' movie growing up because let's face it, what child couldn't relate to feeling lost the way Matt did after the move?

    We only wished that we could've found such a lovable stray Collie like Lassie to help us cope with the pressures of growing up.

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    Growing up, what little girl didn't want to be Dorothy and have such a plucky little canine sidekick as Toto? The adorable shaggy Cairn Terrier stuck by Dorothy's side through thick and thin, didn't mind getting stuffed into a wicker basket (you try putting your dog into a basket like that and see how well they stay), and wasn't afraid of the fearsome Wicked Witch of the West.

    Toto was also incredibly smart and helped the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion rescue Dorothy. Now that's our kind of dog!

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    Before the movie 'Babe' came out, who would've ever wanted a pet pig as a child? But Babe was brave, intelligent and resourceful--all good qualities for a pet.

    What a shame that we could've never convinced our parents of that fact as kids. If we had, maybe we too could've trained our pet pigs to herd sheep…or our little brother!

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    If only we could've had such a giant doofy dog as a pet! Who didn't beg their parents for a St. Bernard after watching the movie 'Beethoven' as a kid? This was the perfect dog for any child: Beethoven scared off bullies, saved a little girl from drowning in a pool and helps defeat an unethical veterinarian and his goons.

    We could only wish for such a gentle giant to be our childhood protector--even if the amount of fur and drool may have eventually gotten on our nerves.

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    Tri-Star Pictures

    How could you not love Bingo? He rocks sunglasses, plays old-school arcade games like a champ and knows the Heimlich maneuver. Sure, he occasionally gets wasted on champagne and runs afoul of the law. But he can also drive a truck! Let's see Lassie do that.