Marie Briggs knew that she was overweight. But the extent of her girth really hit home when her six-year-old son Hayden could no longer put his arms around her 280 pound frame.

And that wasn't all. Because she had put on so much weight she was too embarrassed to take Hayden to the swimming pool and also stayed away from the fun fair because she was afraid of being told that she was too fat to accompany her boy on the rides.

So for the sake of being a good mom Briggs -- who said she started gaining weight when she split from Hayden's dad not long after he was born -- got gastric bypass surgery.

The procedure shrunk her stomach by 75 percent and reduced the amount of food she can eat. As a result, the 25-year old from Northumberland, England has lost about 100 pounds.

'I now take him swimming and we go on bike rides and for walks on the beach," she explained. "Best of all I can have proper cuddles with my son now, because he can finally wrap his little arms around me. It’s the best feeling in the world."

See Marie's  before and after shots below.