Mitt Romney's numbers have been slumping a bit, but a new prophylactic featuring Romney's likeness can help give anyone a, uh, rise in the poll. We're very, very sorry about that joke.

The "Say It With a Condom" custom condom company has released a new line of "Romney Condoms" called "Never Settle."

The company describes it as the contraception for the indecisive that "are great for ANY position." (We don't think they mean political position...) It's tax free "so even the poor can afford them" and "keeps unemployment low by preventing additions to the work force," according to the site.

"Say It With a Condom" has released a long line (no pun intended) of politically-themed condoms on both sides of the political aisle. Previous additions include a series of President Obama condoms featuring the "Ultimate Stimulus Package" and the Sarah Palin brand "As Thin As Her Resume."

We're still waiting for the Washington D.C. "Start Your Own Exploratory Committee" brand and the Dick Cheney "Go [Bleep]Yourself" line.

[via Business Insider]