When the folks at Bad Lip Reading last checked in with Mitt Romney he was trying to win the GOP primary by warning voters about spiders and badgers. Mission accomplished.

And now that Mitt has secured the nomination they've produced a new video, which has the former Massachusetts governor going on about smelly old people and even speaking in what seems to be a made-up foreign language.

Of course, Romney didn't actually say any of these things. Instead they have been edited in to match the lip movements he made while presumably making saner utterances.

While a new bad lip dubbing video is always welcome, we would've probably rather seen them take on the new-kid-on-the-national-stage, Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan. We wonder if the Wisconsin congressman has also "made a small chip smoke cardboard cinnamon" like his running mate has.

And for all of you who would rather hear Barack Obama spew nonsense, Bad Lip Reading has that covered too in the video below.