From the looks of it, Richard Jackson wants you off of his lawn. Why else would the 53-year-old from Staffordshire, England have so expertly carved the "middle finger" salute into one of his bushes?

Actually, it's just a bit of cheeky humor, according to Jackson. And in the eight years since he started shaping his perennial into the notorious gesture he claims to have only received positive feedback.

But recently a neighbor complained about the unique lawn art, and now Jackson is being told he needs to remove it.

"Apparently, one person was offended by it and the police said it was a public order offense," Jackson explained. "I don’t intend to change it though -- I’m not a trouble maker and I don’t want to offend anyone but at the same’s been here for eight years and I don’t see why I should have anybody telling me what to change in my garden."

Jackson's neighbors with better senses of humor agree, and have launched a "save the bush" campaign on his behalf.

What do you think? Is it all in good fun or is there no place for such public obscenity in the leafy suburbs?