There are a million awesome ways to submit a resignation. Around half of them involve breaking some kind of misdemeanor laws or committing a basic health code violation. This is twice as cool as any of those options.

Karen Chang worked at Microsoft as a program manager and UX designer on the Excel program, according to her LinkedIn profile. Notice I said "worked." That's because she submitted her resignation recently in this video set to the melody of Don McLean's 'American Pie' called 'Bye, Bye, Excel and I.'

It's definitely one of the sweeter ways we've seen of submitting your two weeks. Not only does she get to express her true feelings about her former gig, but she does it in a way that won't ruin any references she may need on her future resumes. That is unless, of course, the hairs on her bosses' necks stand up whenever they have to endure another chorus of one of the cheesiest folk songs in American history. If that's the case, then we wish her all the luck in the world because she's going to need it.