Merriam-Webster held its annual review of what words to include in this year's update of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary and, surprisingly, there's a lot of slang.

Some of the choices that made their official English language debut include: "man-cave," "f-bomb," "sexting," "systemic risk," and "bucket list." The Editor of Merriam-Webster, Mr. Peter Solowski, explains their inclusion by claiming the phrases are both "colorful" and show just how creative and resourceful we English-speakers can be when it comes to describing our world.

Other words that have also made it into the lineup include:

"Aha moment": Guess it's easier than saying "light bulb moment."

"Earworm": 'Call Me Maybe' probably made this one official

"Energy drink": Caffeine fans every where are rejoicing over this one!

"Game changer":  Possibly inspired by McCain's disastrous pick of Sarah Palin back in '08.

"Mash-up": As in the 'Pride & Prejudice & Zombies 'mash-up that has literature snobs seething to this day.

"Cloud computing": This one has the rise of the iCloud to thank for its inclusion.

"Gastropub": For all those who like to eat and drink, but want to feel a bit more classy by ordering high end food and better beer.

Now you can play Scrabble, use slang and still win because hey, now it's Merriam-Webster official!