Edith Ritchie and Evelyn Middleton, of Aberdeen, Scotland, both turned 102 on November 15th of last year. Normally that's a cause for celebration in of itself, but it's an especially big deal because it means the twins are now officially world record holders, according to Guinness.

If you want to split hairs, they're not exactly alike: they're fraternal twins, instead of identical twins. Also, some claim that there's a 107-year-old pair of twins living in the Ukraine, but Edith and Evelyn are the only ones Guinness can verify. Believe it or not, there's also some hot competition right at their heels: Ena Pugh and Lilly Millward, also both 102 and hailing from the province of Wales. They trail by just a few weeks.

Still, for now, Edith and Evelyn are the oldest twins in the world, and we wish them many more record-breaking years. To see what they look like now, check out their write-up at the Huffington Post's Weird News section.