Like many house pets, Bailey Jr. enjoys laying about in the living room, taking trips in the family car and having his stomach rubbed.

What makes the two year old unique is that he is buffalo -- and a 1600 pound buffalo at that.

Bailey, who could get to be as much as 2200 pounds, is actually the second buffalo the Sautner family of Spruce Grove, Canada has kept as a pet, following Bailey Sr. (unrelated) who died in a freak farm equipment accident.

According to Jim Sautner, the hairy creatures are surprisingly tame and well-behaved -- so much so that Sautner can take Bailey into his favorite local bar for a beer.  As you can see in the video below, Sautner has also taught the big fella some basic tricks, like laying down, as well. Watch this peculiar pet below.

[via The Laughing Squid]