Maya Rudolph, who was a 'Saturday Night Live' cast member between 2000 -2007, will host the show this week with musical guest Sleigh Bells.

Rudolph has returned to SNL numerous times as a featured player, but this will be her first time hosting. And you can check out the funny promos for her episode right now below. 

She will be the 28th cast member to return as a host, a list which is topped by Chevy Chase, who's done it eight times. Rudolph shot the traditional promo spots with her former colleague Andy Samberg.

The question on everybody's mind is whether Rudolph will reprise her Whitney Houston impersonation, which was a favorite when she was a cast member. SNL briefly acknowledged the singing legend's passing last week, and it will be interesting to see if they do something more with it this time out.

Rudolph doesn't give anything away about a potential Whitney return in the promos, but she does wear a lot of sunglasses at once. We were thinking that will never catch on, but then we remembered how people used to wear a lot of watches at the same time. And then a lot of collared shirts at the same time. So you never know. Perhaps Maya will start a trend.