A tight-knit group of quirky superheroes are more than just comic book legends. They have to be friends. Their varying personalities and egos coupled with being charged to save the world make them a close-knit bunch.

Just such a life would make for a perfect sitcom. Thankfully, someone else realized this and made them an opening credit sequence complete with the 'Friends' theme song, 'I'll Be There for You' by The Rembrandts.

When you think about it, The Avengers are basically an expanded version of TV's 'Friends.' Tony Stark makes an almost perfect doppelganger for the sarcastic Chandler. The muscleheaded Thor would make a good Joey. The massive Hulk is a good mix of the massive Ross and the dunderhead Phoebe if she swallowed a whole gallon of anabolic steroids. If 'Friends' had a secret agent that recruited each one and brought all of them together and a one-eyed landlord played by Samuel L. Jackson, NBC could sue Joss Whedon for the movie rights.