Have you ever tried to get into a strip club holding a cat? No, of course you haven't. It's ridiculous. Yet for some bizarre reason, perhaps due to intoxication, 47-year-old Everett Lages decided to give it a try.

It wasn't his attempted entrance with a kitten that got him arrested. It was the way he handled the rejection. This past Tuesday in Murdock, FL, Everett was arrested outside of the Emerald City strip club after calling 911 over and over after the clubs owner denied him access from entering the club with the kitten.

When the club owner suggested he leave, Everett instead sat outside and called the authorities. When they arrived it was obvious that he was intoxicated, and he began prompting them to call him a cab, which they did. However, at the taxi's arrival Everett refused to tell the driver his address and instead continued to call the police in spite of them already being there. Therefore, the only thing left to do was arrest him.

He was charged with a misuse of the 911 system, trespassing after a warning, disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence.

Let's just hope the kitty finds a better home.