Rejection stinks. Most of us can be sensitive creatures, so we never really get used to that awful feeling, but one guy is on a mission to completely desensitize himself to rejection. He's not a cold-hearted dude, either. Jia Jiang is an entrepreneur who's basically asking strangers for "crazy requests" for the next 100 days. These are ridiculous demands that are bound to be denied, thus making him immune to rejection. But while in the middle of his experiment, Jia was met with the sweetest surprise.

On one of his request tasks, he went into a Krispy Kreme to ask that his doughnuts be colored and shaped like Olympic Rings. While Jia was expecting a quick "no," what he got was the world's best Krispy Kreme worker, Jackie. She carefully considered the request before obliging, and after 15 minutes of work, she emerged with an Olympic doughnut masterpiece. As if Jackie couldn't get any more awesome, she gave Jia the creation for free.

How's that for a heartwarmingly tasty way to restore your faith in humankind?