Okay, confession time: if we witnessed a robbery first-hand, we'd probably cower in fear like a baby. But a man in Florida recently showed what he's made of by kicking a knife out of a crook's hand during the attempted robbery of a convenience store. Is this guy some sort of superhero or what?

Just after 2am on Thursday, a man wearing a white bandana entered a 7-11 in Orlando and demanded cash from the clerk at knifepoint. But as soon as the would-be criminal brandished the knife, a customer knocked it from his hand with a single mighty karate kick and chased him from the store with a wine bottle.

"I know he wasn't kidding because he came after me," said the customer, who refused to be identified. "I ain't going to let that dude stab me, so, boom! That's how I do it." Boom, indeed.

According to this good Samaritan, he didn't think about what he was doing at the time. He simply acted. "You don't think about it at the time because he's like, 'Yo, robbing the place, give me all your money,' and I am like, 'Are you serious?'," he said.

So, beware, criminals-- there's a new crimefighter in town. You'll know him by his white wife beater, shorts and powerful kick.