There are husbands out there who make us wonder-- do they actually like their wives? Remember that guy who tricked his wife into thinking they were going to collide head-on with a massive truck?

Well, William Swilling puts that guy and the rest of them to shame. The Anderson, South Carolina resident has been married 56 years to wife Jimmy Sue Swilling, who has lived with kidney disease for the last 52 years. Recently, Jimmy Sue’s one remaining kidney began failing, so the man took it upon himself to save the life of the woman he loves.

William made a sandwich board sign that reads ‘Need Kidney 4 Wife’, strapped it on himself, and started walking. He walked throughout the Anderson area for hours on end, desperate to find a kidney match for Jimmy Sue. What he got in return was an overwhelming response from the community.

Since William began his trek throughout many South Carolina towns, he has gotten over six pages worth of people who are offering to be tested. The sweet guy has even offered to foot the gas bill for anyone who does so.

This husband of the year award front-runner continues to walk with his homemade sign so that he can be certain Jimmy Sue receives the kidney she so desperately needs.