When you eat out as much as we do, crummy food is inevitable. Usually, we just grumble about our bad meal and move on. But a man in China did one better by calling cops after discovering that his Spicy McChicken sandwich was way too spicy.

According to reports, a man ordered the sandwich at a McDonald's in Guangzhou and found it far too hot for his tastes. So, he complained to the staff, then called 110, which is the Chinese version of 911.

When police arrived, they tried to calm the angry man down. McDonald's even offered him grilled chicken legs and a coke as a way to put out the fire in his mouth.

Not surprisingly, most online commenters criticized the man for his actions, arguing that he's either mentally ill or simply trying to score free food.

What do you think? Waste of police resources or a clever way to score free grub?