Given that Madonna is a whiz at self-promotion and has never been known to be shy, Twitter would seem like a natural fit for the pop legend. But, for whatever reason, Madonna hadn't joined the microblogging site until yesterday. And, when she did ,it was only for one day. But what a memorable day it was. 

According to her website, the move was made to promote the release of her new album 'MDNA,' which dropped last week.

The Material Girl managed to fire out over 130 Tweets during her time online using the Twitter handle @MadonnaMDNAday. In addition to answering questions from fans, Madge settled her recent feud with the DJ Deadmaus. Some of our favorite Madonna Tweets involve Tim Tebow, Katy Perry and Quentin Tarantino. Check them out below.

So what do you think of Madonna's Twitter skills? If nothing else, they seem to top those of Dave Chappelle, who was the last big star to finally take the 140-characters-or-less plunge. Still, she's no Fake Will Smith.