When watching 'Up All Night,' one can't help but to reminded of past TV shows. That's because the NBC sitcom's two stars, Will Arnett and Christina Applegate, are both strongly associated with previous television role. (Applegate as Kelly Bundy on 'Married With Children' and Arnett as G.O.B Bluth on 'Arrested Development.')

But did 'Up All Night' up the nostalgia factor on Thursday night's episodes by referencing yet another famous TV show?

As you can see, Arnett and Applegate are waiting in an airport line for a flight on Oceanic Airlines. Which is, of course, the carrier that the castaways on 'Lost' had the misfortune of flying from Sydney to Los Angeles. Although it's true that Oceania Airlines had been used in other films and television programs before 'Lost,' it is now clearly most associated with that series.

Regardless if it was an intentional tribute to 'Lost,' we are pretty sure nothing ever goes right when a TV or movie character takes an Oceanic Airlines flight.

So G.O.B, Kelly -- don't get onto that plane!