It's a well-known fact to anyone who buys a packet of chips (especially the smaller bags) that the actual quantity of chips inside the pack is going to be far less than you imagined. But one consumer got far, far less than anyone would've expected when he opened his 1 oz bag of Lay's. 

Knowing something was up when he shook the Lays bag, he decided to record his reaction on video - and our reaction upon watching it was exactly the same.

For a company that uses the marketing line: "Bet you can't eat just one," a bag containing just three pieces of chips leaves too easy a challenge for us. In these tough economic times, the bag sizes remain the same, while us poor consumers seem to be getting much less for the same price. Shame on you Lay's, you subsidiary of the multi-billion dollar Pepsico empire. If you pack in just three pieces of chips, at least make the effort to gives us chips that look like other things.