There is nothing -- we reiterate, nothing -- so stressful that it can't be soothed by cuddling with a puppy. Even going to law school.

As exams loom for George Mason University School of Law students in Washington, DC, everyone took a sanity break when 15 homeless and adoptable puppies showed up, courtesy of a local rescue group sponsoring what it calls "Puppy Day."

The squirmy little balls of cute were particularly welcomed by busy third-year student Allison Tisdale, who said contact with the little ones lets her "be human again." Second-year student Tashina Harris added, “I think they are sensing our stress. They’re reminding us we need to take breaks.”

The effect puppies can have on frayed nerves is well-documented -- previous studies have shown they can also help soldiers in war zones and patients in rehabilitation centers.

We may not be able to provide you with the real thing, but take a break yourself by watching a few videos of puppies in action.

[via The Washington Post]