You've really made it as a singer if your songs are famous enough to parody. So at least the lightning rod that is Lana Del Rey has that going for her.

A Youtube user Holly Laurent, who has Del Rey's sultry voice down, has spoofed Del Rey's breakout hit 'Video Games' with 'The Hunger Games.'

In the parody, the lyrics are from the perspective of Katniss, the heroine of 'The Hunger Games' books and soon-to-be-movie. The video, which contains a couple NSFW lyrical bombs, features footage from the movie's trailer.

Pretty good job of mimicking the sound of 'Video Games' as well as the video's visuals, huh? For comparison sake, here's Lana Del Rey's original video. Maybe if she sang about Katniss and The Reaping, people wouldn't give her such a hard time.

[via BuzzFeed]