As a self-respecting fan of Kansas State, Emma Burton refused to do a school assignment that would have the five-year old coloring in the Jayhawk mascot of K-State's in-state rivals the University of Kansas.

Instead she marched right up to her kindergarten teacher and asked for a picture of a powercat -- Kansas State's mascot -- so she could color that in instead. But the teacher didn't have such a picture, and when Burton still wouldn't do assignment, her teacher reprimanded her and had a discussion with the little girl's mother after school.

Although mom was a K-State alum (hence Emma's fandom), she pleaded with her headstrong daughter to reach some sort of compromise. So Emma colored in the hated Jayhawk.  But she also presented her teacher with an apology note featuring an original rendition of a Kansas State Powercat. Then, when her teacher returned the assignment, she threw the Jayhawk picture right in the trash.

Not only did this move maintain Emma's dignity, but when her story began circulating the Web, she became a hero in the K-State community. In fact, Kansas State's president even wrote a letter offering her a scholarship in 2025. Now that could make quite a "how I got into college" story one day.

[via Bug Bytes]