No, Justin Bieber isn't serving hard time -- though a proposed new bill means he could.

Designed by the free-speech and fair-use advocacy group Fight For the Future, the Free Bieber campaign seeks to increase awareness of a Senate bill that punishes online streaming of copyrighted material with up to five years in prison.

As you'll recall, the Biebs was discovered after uploading YouTube videos of himself singing popular R&B songs -- songs that are technically copyright-protected. So if the bill had been law back in those days, his eleventy-million-dollar recording contract could've been accompanied by an arrest warrant.

Using shocking and inflammatory imagery, some of it fan-created, Fight For the Future's message is that the potential punishment is an overreach and creativity is not akin to cyber-crimes like music pirating.

On the site, the group encourages visitors to sign its online petition and urges fans to, "Tell Congress to get a clue and stop trying to jail people for singing. Congress has no business making ordinary internet users criminals for expressing themselves online."

Take a look at some of the Biebs' potentially law-breaking covers below.

Justin covers Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic'

Justin covers Lil' Wayne's 'How to Love'

Justin covers Chris Brown's 'With You'

Justin covers Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River'

Justin covers Elliott Yamin's 'Wait for You'

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