Justin Bieber is many things, but physically intimidating is not one of them. Nevertheless, the pint-sized Canadian pop star is being investigated for criminal battery against a paparazzo who he had a confrontation with Sunday in Calabasas, CA.

According to witnesses, the photog was snapping pictures of Bieber, who was with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Then when Bieber wasn't able to drive away in his car because the photographer's vehicle was blocking him, he asked the paparazzo to move. When that didn't happen an altercation took place.

TMZ has an exclusive picture of the "fight" and, curiously, Bieber is only wearing one shoe. It is unclear if Bieber lost the other shoe in the scuffle or if he is trying to make some sort of fashion statement.

After Bieber left, TMZ reports a lawyer walked up to the photographer and advised him to call an ambulance and file a police report. The lensman did, and was taken away after complaining of an upper torso injury. He was examined at a local hospital and released a short time later.

Is a lawsuit forthcoming? That would seem like the direction this is headed in. But would any jury believe Bieber is capable of beating up a grown man? Maybe the photographer's lawyer can play this video of Bieber training with Mike Tyson to paint a more intimidating picture of the 18-year-old teen idol.