Josh Brolin will be headlining this week's 'Saturday Night Live.' with musical guest Gotye. And we've got his hilarious first promos.

This will be Brolin's second time hosting, following his post-'No Country for Old Men' outing in 2008.

Brolin's big upcoming project is playing a young Agent Kay in 'Men in Black III,' which comes out on May 25th. However, there was no mention of the popular franchise during the traditional 'SNL' mid-week promos, which Brolin shot with Fred Armisen.

And what did we learn here? Well, that Brolin is pretty darn funny in quick bursts. And that he isn't afraid to sucker punch a 'SNL' cast member if they say something silly, as Armisen did.

So is Brolin the kind of host that makes you want to spend your Saturday night in front of the TV? Check out a clip from a sketch he appeared in the last time he hosted below.