For years, fans of ESPN's 'SportsCenter' have speculated that John Clayton has a ponytail.  But even if you're just discovering the straight-laced sports-journo for the first time today in his ridiculously funny 'SportsCenter' spot, you have to admit, you're hoping that this milquetoast looking reporter is secretly awesomesauce.

Watch as the "consummate pro" Clayton reports on the news, then takes you behind the curtain on details of his secret rock-and-roll lifestyle. After ripping off a faux suit and tie to reveal a torn up Slayer concert t-shirt, the camera pulls back to reveal Clayton's long grey flowing locks, and a secret bedroom broadcasting set.

We love how his colleagues are in on the joke too. Neil Everett and the crew at ESPN seem none the wiser to Clayton's secret life. We just hope his mom isn't the one to blow his spot.