Once best friends forever, Late Night hosts Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert declared themselves mortal enemies about six months ago. The source of the conflict has had a lot to do with their respective Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors   --  AmeriCone Dream for Colbert and Late Night Snack for Fallon -- and which tastes better. (Just like the falling out you had with your best friend, right?)

On Valentine's Day, Colbert reached out to Fallon, via the "late night talk show internal mail system" with a nice card. And if that wasn't enough, he later presented Fallon with a giant box of Late Night Snack ice cream as a conciliatory gift.

But wait, there's a twist. Instead of being filled with ice cream, the giant box acted as Trojan Horse which contained Colbert and ice cream impresarios Ben and Jerry. Once free on the 'Late Night' set, the trio informed Fallon that Americone Dream had been outselling Late Night Snack by eight percent.

It seemed the feud was back on. Or was it? As the segment ended, nobody could be quite sure of the state of the two tricksters' relationship. We have a feeling this feud could be simmering for some time.