Julian Castro is being hailed as one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party. But after the San Antonio mayor's big speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, people weren't necessarily just focusing on his message or his life story. Instead, a lot of the Twitter chatter surrounding Castro was about how he looks like the Latin Jimmy Fallon.

To Fallon, that sounded like a challenge. So on 'Late Night,' Fallon took a crack at impersonating his internet-designated doppelganger.

If you happened to watch Castro's speech, you will see Fallon does a decent job at aping the politician's vocal patterns. And yes, he looks alot like him, even without much help from wardrobe and makeup.

In turns out Castro also has a real-life twin. Imagine the fun the three of them could have.

Check out a photo of Castro below and let us know if you think he's Fallon's brother from a Latina mother.