People seem to be getting pretty creative on YouTube these days. After the impressive 8-bit 'Mad Men' YouTube game, here's another interactive video series, this time from the folks at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Follow "Booner the Page" as he gives you, the viewer, an all-access backstage tour of NBC Studios. In particular, the studios where Fallon films his talk show.

The first video in the series ends with Booner asking you to choose a floor -- the 6th or the 7th floor. Depending on which floor you choose, the next video has Booner showing you around the hallways and rooms where various sketches were filmed. And at the end of each video, Booner asks where you want to go next -- all the while he smiles at the camera for an awfully long time until you click.

It's a neat and interactive way to get viewers into clicking the various YouTube videos uploaded onto Jimmy Fallon's channel. It's also quite funny, with cameo appearances by popular characters from Fallon's sketches popping up in some of the videos.

Start your tour below, and let us know how far you made it by leaving a comment.