Oddly enough, when Jimmy Fallon steps offstage after doing his late-night talk show, he walks right into early 20th century, upper-class England.

That's the premise of an elaborate sketch Fallon premiered Thursday night, titled 'Downton Sixbey,' which spoofs the PBS costume drama 'Downton Abbey.' ('Late Night' is shot in NBC's Studio 6b.)

While a good chunk of Fallon's audience has never seen 'Downton Abbey', the quailty of the parody was such that you could appreciate it without totally being in all the jokes.

So it turns out comedy writers were penning bad Kardashian jokes even back in 1916. Who knew? As you can see, Fred Armisen and Brooke Shields both appear in the sketch, with Armisen grabbing lots of laughs as Fallon's homely middle daughter.

All in all, it's bloody good stuff. Now there needs to be an episode two, so he can learn what really happen to Downton Sixbey heir Carson Daly in that tragic hot air balloon accident.