Actor and impressionist Jim Meskimen, a regular face in the films of Ron Howard, knows how to do a great number of celebrity voices. Now you can learn how to mimic one of the most acclaimed actors of all time. 

Meskimen posted a detailed instructional video of his technique for doing the definitive Robert De Niro impression on his official YouTube page.

Anyone who thinks they can do voices thinks they can also bat a DeNiro out of the park. It's not as easy as it looks. There's actually a lot more to it than just reciting a few lines from 'Taxi Driver' with a stretched mouth and a New York attitude. The key to any great impression isn't just sounding like the man -- Meskimen also teaches De Niro's mannerisms and method of speaking.

This video is a must for any office impressionist who loves to ask their co-workers if they are indeed "talking" to them.