The 'Jersey Shore' crew is getting the musical treatment in a new spoof called 'Jersey Shoresical,' which, after a successful run in LA, makes its way to New York next week.

It's done almost entirely in song and narrated by its version of a Greek Chorus, a trio of drunken girls dubbed the 'Random Sluts.' Songs in the show include 'Grow Some Balls,' 'B**** in a Bed,' 'I F'n Love You, I F'n Hate You' and 'Snooki's Lament.' Oh, and did we mention JWoww is played by a drag queen?

'Jersey Shoresical' will run from August 23 - August 28 at the Bleecker Street Theater in NYC. Tickets are available now.

Here's a preview of what to expect:

[via Thrillist]