We feel safe in calling Peter Davis a jerk. Not because we know him personally; we'd never heard of the Englewood, NJ resident before yesterday. But it's how we heard of him: using his mom's car to buy drugs in New York and not paying tolls on the George Washington Bridge.

Now his mom's on the hook for $123,000 from 6,600 violations that Davis somehow successfully hid from her. This is why you don't do drugs, kids.

Jean Davis, or rather her good-for-nothing son, is one of the twenty worst toll scofflaws that the New York Port Authority are going after in court. At the top are the people you'd expect: trucking companies, car rental places, things of that sort. But equally surprising are the private citizens who apparently just blow through the toll gate. There are private citizens on that list with blown tolls and associated fees upwards of $70,000!

And they'll have to pay it: the Port Authority has each blown toll fully documented. But in Jean Davis's case, we're rooting for the judge to put the blame where it belongs.

( via the Consumerist )