Taking a page from Ryan Gosling's book, Jennifer Lawrence is now also playing the part of Good Samaritan. It's been reported that a woman collapsed outside the 'Hunger Games' star's home. As if being an Oscar-nominee isn't enough she's got to be a good person as well? Wow, now we love her even more!

It was a beautiful day in Santa Monica, California, when Jennifer Lawrence was standing outside of her apartment complex walking her dog. A woman was walking past Katniss'--we mean Jennifer's--apartment building and simply collapsed. Thankfully, Jennifer and a male bystander rushed to the woman's aid, trying to wake her up before calling the paramedics.

Police responded to the call in a group of six accompanied by a paramedic, who was ultimately given the a-okay by the staff. The only reason we can imagine that six of them went out is because they all wanted a glimpse at Katniss Everdeen.

Perhaps the woman caught a glimpse of Jennifer's beautiful face and just got weak in the knees. Who knows?

Oh, and also, while walking the dog it got tangled up in it's own leash and, perhaps still feeling the high of a life saver, Jennifer untangled the pooch. You can see the photos over on X17.