There is really only one time it is socially acceptable to be stoned out of your mind. And that's when you're pumped up on hospital meds.

Tyler, who broke his arm playing hockey, needed a general anesthetic so the doctors could reset it. Before he went under, the drugs turned him into a teenage version of David After Dentist. All things considered, this video is almost shockingly safe for work.

It's probably not worth shattering your arm for, but that seemed like a whole lot of fun. “I sound like the Joker” Tyler said, and at one point thought he might be able to see his breath. "Everything's in slow motion," he added, as he pondered his altered state. Yup, slow motion Joker pretty much sums it up.

The video even takes a touching turn at the end when Tyler gets weepy and tells his dad he loves him. All in all, it's quite a trip.