If you're really not feeling the election this year, or you just don't have it in you to follow politics, world events or even the news, but you still want to vote, then we've got a website for you! It's called iSideWith, and it will tell you who you should vote for.

The site asks you for your opinion on a variety of hot button issues. Once you've answered all the questions on their quiz, it compares your responses with all the people who are running for president, and let's you know exactly how they stack up compared to what you care about. You might be surprised by the results, since it includes all candidates running, not just Obama and Romney. If, however, you would rather stick with a "safe" choice, you can still see all the points you agree and disagree on with your candidate of choice.

Even if you don't like the results you get, who doesn't love taking quizzes on the internet?