Reddit has long been one of the best places on the internet for memes, interesting stories, or just about anything web-related. But did you know the social news website could also save your life?

Don't belive us? Well, watch this ultimately uplifting tale from Bear Silber, who felt his life slipping away when he was struck by a mysterious strength-sapping, doctor-stumping aliment.

When Silber saw a photo of a man on Reddit who looked like he suffered from the same affliction as he did, he checked the thread for clues to what it was. Sure enough, a medically savvy poster had suggested the man had Cushing syndrome, a hormonal disorder.

So Silber asked his doctors to check if that's what he had. While they were reluctant at first, one finally did, and Silber was diagnosed with a billion-to-one variation of the disease.

Silber now faces an arduous one-and-half year recovery process. But the good news is that he has a 99% chance of eventually getting back to where he was before the disorder that only Reddit was able to diagnose.