Ugh. If only there was somebody handing out free Jack Daniels every time we went to Ikea. Instead it's just meatballs and couples glaring at each other.

The folks at JumpOffTVUK decided to send in personality TEef to amend the situation. After shuffling around some furniture in one of their model rooms, he managed to get a pretty good party going, especially considering the lighting.It starts off with one guy dancing alone in Ikea, which is pretty depressing. But before the whole thing's over there's a guy doing backflips, which seemingly is the universal signal that you are at a crazy party. Also free drinks, that's usually a pretty good sign too.

Sadly, the whole thing doesn't last too long, with security coming to shut it down. We aren't sure why though. The party answered the question that's burning in the back of everyone's mind when they shop at Ikea -- Will my life ever be fun surrounded by all this cheap furniture? Apparently yes. Just find a guy who can do backflips.