Remember when you first witnessed the musical carnage that was Rebecca Black's 'Friday' song? Remember how we all laughed and chortled at her musical misfortune and thought viral musicianship could never get any worse? Prepare to be even more unintentionally amused.

Two aspiring young ladies who call themselves Double Take decided they had the chops to produce their own musical empowerment ballad about the plight of the hot girl and produced this musical "mess-terpiece."

It's called 'Hot Problems.' It's all about the stigma and misconceptions of being a beautiful, young girl in a society that worships beauty with the feverishness of an Aztec god. So basically, it's the Samantha Brick "Women hate me for being beautiful" column set to music. If that doesn't get your blood boiling, their musical "ability" will make sure it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

We're sure they are trying their best to keep the beat, hit the notes and give it their all, but that clearly isn't good enough and YouTube seems to agree. The video has gotten well over 15,000 "dislikes" and viewers have already started comparing them to the aforementioned Ms. Black. Though RB has one thing over these "hot girls" -- her song serves as a handy reminder of which day comes after Friday.

Update: It might be fake. Either way, the song is terrible.