It's not uncommon for a wild animal to make its home in a parked car, but a swarm of bees? That's a new one. Last Saturday, Tennessee resident Tommy Hill returned to his parked Chevy Traverse after shopping and discovered that approximately 25,000 honey bees had swarmed his car.

Hill tried several strategies to remove the bees, including a car wash and a high-speed drive, but nothing worked. "I drove down Highway 51 about 60 miles an hour," he said. "Didn't lose a one. They all stayed in there."

So, Hill called local beekeeper Bill Hughes for help. Hughes managed to temporarily coax the bees from the car using a box of honey, but they returned to the vehicle shortly thereafter. Four days later, however, the bees mysteriously disappeared.

"They just vanished. I don't know where they went," Hill said sadly. "After four days they kind of felt like family." We can't tell what's more strange -- the bees or what Hill just said.