'The Hunger Games' spoof 'The Hipster Games' tells a tale of a not-so-far off future in which "one woman and one woman-ish man" from each of  the five hipster districts -- Portland, Austin, Brooklyn, Oakland and Silverlake in Los Angeles -- are forced to fight to the death in a battle royale. Let the irony begin!

As you can see, when hipsters battle, acoustic guitars get smashed and glasses without prescriptions hit the ground. Oh, the humanity! Luckily, ice cold cans of PBR are parachuted in by the competitor's sponsors.

Christopher Guerrero, president of Wyoma Films, directed the clip, which has gone viral. In fact, there is now talk of doing a longer version of the parody. “Well, a feature-length version wasn’t originally planned but that would be really fun to do,” Guerrero said.

If that doesn't work out, maybe Guerrero can take over 'The Hunger Games' franchise,' as director Gary Ross has said he may or may not helm the second film. Do you think "Catching Fire," which would be the next movie in the trilogy, could benefit from more vintage records and skinny jeans?