An innocent-sounding prank at an Indiana high school prompted some very serious suspensions and even a janitor losing his job.

Some students at Cascade High School in Clayton, Indiana thought of a fun and clean way to celebrate their graduation by covering some walls and windows in colorfully designed Post-It notes. The administration, however, didn't find it so funny.

Six of the students who helped perpetrate the prank have been suspended and a janitor lost his job. The school fired the janitor because he gave them permission to enter the school after hours to pull off the prank.

School District Superintendent Patrick Spray told local reporters that the prank itself wasn't to blame for the punishments. The fact that the janitor let the students enter the school grounds after hours means those involved technically committed trespassing.

The student body was outraged at the school administration's heavy handed reactions to the prank. The students staged a sit-in on school grounds to protest the suspension and the firing. The protest itself lead to 57 additional student suspensions.

One of the suspended students also claimed that a school board member gave the seniors a key to get into the school and their daughter participated in the prank. Spray denied the student's claim.

Perhaps the students should have left themselves a Post-It reminder to get permission before pulling a large-scale prank.