Okay, so maybe that isn't actually Conan O'Brien on the right in disguise. However, that doesn't take away from the fact that this photo from his late night show is still hilarious.

The picture is from a story by a local news station in Cleveland, OH, called WJW. According to the station, the report is about a gentleman who called the authorities after his estranged wife had taken his children while he was in the shower. When he came out, he had discovered that they were heading towards Pennsylvania. Enter the female Conan O'Brien!

The research staff over at 'Conan' sure has to be an amazing one in order to dig up this gem. We're not sure how they found it but it's a sure win for the show. And who knows, we might even see that policewoman on the show sometime soon. Oh boy, we hope so! Imagine the possibilities. Check out a clip of Conan's doppelganger.