After he sunk what seemed to be a half court shot worth $10,000 as part of a halftime promotion during Kentucky's basketball game against South Carolina over the weekend, UK freshman student Vincent Swope was obviously beside himself with joy.

His excitement was tempered when an official informed him that since his foot had been slightly over the half court line when he released the ball, Supermarket chain Kroger, who were sponsoring the contest, may not pay him the cash price.

As you will see, Swope does appear to step over the half court line by about an inch. However, in his defense, the Kentucky logo covers the half court line where he was supposed to shoot the ball, making it impossible for him to see exactly where the line is.

Seizing upon this fact, local radio host Matt Jones quickly organized a movement demanding Swope get his ten grand. Whether or not that was a factor in Kroger ultimately deciding to pay Swope is unknown, but the 18- year-old will get the money.

Check out the video below, and let us know if you think Swope's foot fault should have disqualified him from the prize.

[via The Dagger]