Despite there being a logo of a bee on their shirts, it seems like these guys may not know much about bee removal. They don’t appear to have any tools and their knowledge of bee habits seems cursory at best. And yet, they come out unharmed. How is that possible?

Somehow, these two guys ended up at the helm of a major bee removal operation. These unsuspecting bees had decided to swarm in an unfortunate location, and the two guys in the video were dispatched to remove them. Except they don’t appear to be equipped to do so.

Amazingly, they manage to get the bees into what seems to be the first box they could find and then transport the pesky stingers to a new home in “an open box in the front seat on Daniel’s lap.” As any good bee specialists would, of course.

The good news is, they captured it all on video, so the internet can ridicule them. They are either more talented than we think, or these bees are extremely laid back. Either way, you have to admit, you were hoping for at least one sting, weren't you?