It's the ultimate weapon of choice for any Trekkie -- the Phaser. The fictional gun was used by every officer on the USS Enterprise, and now, a guy has built a DIY version and brought the gun to life! Not only can it fire a blue laser beam, it also makes the classic firing sound from the 'Star Trek' TV series.

After picking up a toy Phaser gun, the "enterprising" guy fit a laser unit in its casing. In this video, he fills his garage with smoke so that we could see the blue laser clearer, and demonstrates the Phaser is really capable of inflicting some pain.

Fine, so it only popped a balloon. While that's not as dangerous as taking out a Romulan, know that the laser light could potentially be harmful to the human eye or skin. So be mindful of that before pointing this Phaser at anybody. That said, we still praise this guy's efforts to create a real-life Star Trek Phaser. It's super-cool, and for that alone we raise our hands, split our fingers and say to him: "Live Long and Prosper."