Using technology may come naturally to the younger generation, but many grandparents can barely figure out how to work a webcam. Watching old people goof around on Photo Booth in this compilation is almost as much fun as it is to mess around with the popular software application yourself.

Say what you want about the older generation being set in their ways, unable and unwilling to adapt to our fast-paced era, but there is no denying that the grandparents in this video act just like kids while using Photo Booth. It doesn't matter who you are, there is just something about seeing your face all distorted and goofy that will make anyone smile.

This is clearly a huge leap forward for the elderly. Now that they've discovered the fun-filled wonders of webcam wackiness, the next logical step is making the upgrade to an internet connection faster than dial-up, which would lead to more frequent visits from their tech savvy grandchildren. This is a win-win situation for people young and old!