It's no big surprise that Go Daddy will have multiple commercials during the 2013 Super Bowl. What is surprising is that at least their first ad doesn't feature the type of racy content the web hosting company is famous for displaying during the big game.

Instead, the spot relies on humor. In it, a wife asks her husband when he's going to put his big idea up on the internet. He tells her to relax, because it's not like somebody else is going to think of it before he gets it up

Then we see a progression of other husbands and wives from around the world. It turns out lots of folks have the exact some idea.

Finally, the ad ends on a private plane, where another husband and wife are being served champagne. He was the one with the foresight to quickly put the idea online, presumably through Go Daddy's .co domain.

"More everything, sky waitress," the newly rich man says when the stewardess asked him if he'd like a refill. Yup, wealthy people call their stewardesses "sky waitresses." But you would've known that if you just used Go Daddy.