Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to the glorious world of Ghanaian posters for Hollywood blockbusters.

In the African country of Ghana, following the arrival of the VHS, small, transient "movie theaters" called Cinema were introduced. Cinema operators traveled from village to village -- with a television and generator in tow -- bringing the latest Hollywood flicks to the masses. In order to promote these grassroots screenings, operators hired artists to create wonderfully unofficial posters featuring fascinating renditions of some of Tinsel Town's biggest stars.

Each oil painted poster was created by an individual artist after he screened the movie in need of promotion. He was free to take as much creative license with the property as he liked, as long as the poster got butts in the seats. Some of the posters are absurd and ridiculous, while others serve as a charming interpretation and a stunning example of the magical, communicative power of cinema.

Here are a handful of our faves of the hundred of weird and wonderful posters that exist.

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    Awesome Robo
  • 2

    'Big Trouble in Little China'

    Awesome Robo
  • 3

    'Conan the Destroyer'

    Awesome Robo
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    Awesome Robo
  • 5

    'Evil Dead 2'

    Awesome Robo
  • 6

    'Freddy Vs. Jason'

    Awesome Robo
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    Awesome Robo
  • 8

    'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

    Awesome Robo
  • 9

    'Suburban Commando'

    Awesome Robo
  • 10

    'The Matrix'

    Awesome Robo
  • 11

    'The Spy Who Loved Me'

    Awesome Robo