On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' actor Gary Oldman performed a dramatic reading of R. Kelly's 'Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me,' lending a hysterical air of gravitas to the autobiography that only a master thespian can bring.

While looking dapper in a tuxedo, Oldman reenacts a conversation between Kelly and Tupac Shakur, where the two discuss collaborating on an album.

Props to Oldman for not laughing -- although he does crack a smile -- as he reads lines like, "Just wanted to holla at you," "We'll just let it do what it do" and "You feel me?" Still, we shouldn't be too surprised at Oldman's professionalism. The man's an Academy Award nominee after all.

"Thank you, Gary," said a visibly awed Jimmy Kimmel afterward. "He brought 'Pac to life even more than the hologram, I think."